Mahanadi Coalfields Limited
Before starting the online application process, please ensure that a valid e-mail address is available with you, which will be required for registration and further correspondence. Please read the carefully before filling the form.

  1. Please enter an email address for registration and for future correspondence if required. Email id and password as provided during registration will be your log-in id and password.
  2. The name and e-mail id provided during registration cannot be changed / corrected later and will appear on the application form. Please ensure to fill in the correct name as per your matriculation certificate.
  3. Password Policy : Password should have minimum six characters with atleast one alphabet, one numeric character and one of the following characters ! @ # $ % ^ * _ : } { ; = ( ) + | ?
  4. Before proceeding for Registration, please read the and the Terms and Conditions
  5. After registration, a message will be displayed and on clicking ok the Log In page will open where the candidate will be asked to log-in for the online application process using the email id and password given at the time of registration.
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